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Children who come to the United States with heart defects are usually referred by physicians or participating groups in their home country to Rotarians of Rotary District 7490 Gift of Life Foundation who forward their medical information to participating hospitals. Doctors and hospitals receive a nominal fee of $6,000 for the valuable services they render. After cases are approved for surgery by attending physicians, they are assigned to local Rotary Clubs, Interact Clubs or auxiliary organizations. They in turn provide any additional funds for medical care (prescriptions, etc.) and host the child with a parent while they are in this country. The monies needed to finance the program are raised by the Foundation, individual Rotary Clubs,  other individuals and organizations.

 District Foundations such as ours are responsible for administering the programs. This includes communicating and coordinating with Rotary Clubs over-seas or with groups such as the Korean, Polish, Bolivian or Ukrainian Gift of Life in the U.S. -these organizations often provide transportation from the home country and the services of interpreters.  One does not have to be a Rotarian to participate in this program. It is the District Rotary Foundation's responsibility to oversee the visit, hospital stay and safe return of the child.  Volunteers and Rotarians who participate do not receive any pay for their services.  The Rotary Gift of Life program has been a great success because it functions at a grass roots level with direct people to people; contact between our Foundation, Clubs, hosts, medical personnel and the friends and families of our children. It promotes lasting friendships and a new understanding between participants of different nationalities.

      We serve children from areas where cardiovascular procedures for children are not available to them.  Our kids have come from Anguilla, The Dominican Republic, Armenia, Ecuador, Egypt, Kosovo, Georgia, Guatemala, Haiti, Iraq, India, Jamaica, China, Mongolia Korea, Peru, Poland, Philippines,  Russia, Trinidad, Ukraine, United States, and others.  Our doctors have traveled world wide to educate local doctors in the procedures.        

       The hospitals we are currently working with include St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Paterson, NJ,  Montefiore Children’s Hospital in Bronx, NY, and Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY.

        Anyone interested in working with the Gift of Life in any capacity, (sponsoring, hosting, donating, or interpreting) please contact us at:  e-mail- .  More information is available at

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